I am Christian Omen;  people call me Kutakuta, Okuta(mount) son of Eziza(whirlwind)..Since childhood I have been studying the practice of mystic power and magic. My passion for magic started when I was a child at my grandfather's mansion, I found my grandfather a fortune teller and spell caster and in his old age i began to assist him go through some part of the work thence i began to feel same power in me to perform magic and control spell and also see things before they happen and i thought it was same in every human until i was fourteen. i started representing my grandfather cos he was very old. I also know about herbs and healing through my grand parent for i was born into a family of psychic even my mother and father. my first attempt,i was only nine and didn't understand everything in the first place. I can remember some very important secrets were exposed to me about powers and rulers of darkness then but i was never scared as a principality. when my parents would talked to me about spiritual power It was just as if they knew what i was experiencing when ever i was alone. I  was actually observing some strange things; Mainly things that are about to happen and some ancient was actually hard for me to say cos i was still very young then until this day i come in encounter with God of heaven by the seventh Angel.... this is part of my story and background ..

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